The Scary Fairy

Last night Pippa lost her first tooth.  At 4.46am this morning I gave Mr Smarts the fright of his life when I woke up and realized we had forgotten to do the Tooth Fairy thing. We bolted out of bed, he ran out in his socks and jocks to the car and searched for forgotten coins whilst I rummaged in the bottom of my bottomless pit of a handbag. I only had notes and that would have set a very expensive precedent and a hefty compensation for our other two kids. Finally I succeeded and had to do an SOS with the outside light as Mr Smarts couldn’t see me waving frantically to him that all was well and that he could go back to bed.

Using the torch on my phone I crept quietly upstairs to Pippa’s room. Unfortunately, I had watched her put the tooth under her pillow instead of in a glass of water next to the sink, which is what the kids used to do until I drank Wills tooth accidentally, (yes I know vomit reflexes are now occurring, sorry).  Very gently I slid my hand under the pillow but the tooth was nowhere to be found.

I did however find the letter she had written to the Tooth Fairy requesting she divulge all her secrets and she even asked her to please leave some fairy floss! Fairy floss! Where was I supposed to find fairy floss at this hour of the morning, or any morning?  After a quick, sleep deprived think I decided an agapanthus, (the only flower which was actually flowering in our garden) would be a great substitute and as I would have had to have written a novel to answer all the other questions, I decided to ignore the letter.

So off I crept down the stairs, out the front door where I picked the best flower I could find and crept back upstairs again.  I placed the flower very carefully on the pillow beside her head and went in search of the tooth again. I rummaged and rummaged and in the end she was almost upright because I just could not find it.  It did actually occur to me that this could be a trap and that she might have hidden it somewhere else to see if the Tooth Fairy was, in fact really true.

At last I did find it and went back to bed congratulating myself on a job well done. However, 10 minutes later Pippa was frantically climbing into our bed. She had seen the Tooth Fairy and it was the scariest thing she had ever seen! She wasn’t small, she was a big scary fairy and Pippa needed to get into bed with us NOW!!!!

Apparently the fairy was as tall as me and had something sticking out of her her side, which Pippa thought were her wings, (it was in fact my elbow) and something cracked when she went down the stairs, (the bones in my foot which have been a little weird since breaking it the year before). Her torch was really tiny, (my phone) and she didn’t leave fairy floss, instead she left a giant tarantula right near her head, (yes the agapanthus).

This is a memory from not so long ago.
Copyright 2016


6 thoughts on “The Scary Fairy

  1. This tooth fairy sometimes takes weeks !!! And then hides the tooth and panics about the kids finding them one day!!! For the love of parenting…..

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  2. Lol. Poor Pippa! It sounds like she was terrified!

    Lindsay is the one in our house who can’t part with teeth! Lol. He’s ten and we’ve never had to play tooth fairy because he won’t part with them. He’s kept each of them wrapped in a tissue in a little cardboard box. Meanwhile Heather who is almost 7 can hardly wait to lose her first tooth. Whether or not she’ll part with hers remains to be seen.

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