Ollie The Killer Octopus Pays a Visit

The kids and I were having a marvellous time in the rock pools at the beach yesterday.  That is until Pippa, on her way back to shore started screaming and wouldn’t stop.  I yelled out asking what was wrong but she couldn’t answer because something had absolutely terrified her.

As I quickly followed I noticed the most stunning colored seaweed sitting in the water.  It it was a dark red and it dazzled in the sun light.  “That color,” I thought to myself, “Would look great made up as a leather sofa.”  I reached down to pick up a piece for a closer look but as I did so the seaweed quickly darted away from me, then darted back almost touching my leg.  In shock I moved away, the seaweed moved with me, I moved further away, it followed.  Then I saw two round beady eyes watching me and nearly had heart failure as I realized it was an octopus which, I had no doubt in my mind was trying to wrap its tentacles around me so it could squeeze me to death, (well that’s what my wild imagination was frantically shouting at me).  I gave a muffled scream, then screamed at the top of my voice as I ran to the beach where Mr Smarts, who had just arrived back from his walk with Miss Molly, was looking at me as though I had lost my marbles.

Kate and Will were still standing on the rock which I had just left and were flipping out because obviously something was wrong but nobody could tell them what it was.  They actually thought there was a shark swimming around, in two feet of water, not likely!  So they were much calmer than Pippa and I when they spotted the octopus until they discovered the creature was waiting for them to get off the rock so it could grab them and squeeze the life out of them before returning to the dark depths of the ocean.   They jumped onto a nearby rock, then the next but the  octopus followed them watching their every move.  Then suddenly it disappeared and we were left in peace until the next morning when we watched a seal surf the waves before burying the head of the penguin which the seal must have ripped from its body before eating it.
Copyright 2016

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