Wolf Creek and a Bush Walk

One night, with the promise of seeing platypuses, bandicoots and various other nocturnal animals I persuaded my family to go on a night bush walk.  The kids were enthusiastic, Mr Smarts just looked at me and silently groaned as we all loaded into the car.

In high spirits we set off on our adventure but forty minutes into the drive realised that the same car had been following us for most of our trip.  Mr Smarts gave the driver ample opportunity to pass but still it continued to drive right up our jacksy.

“Do you think whoever’s in that car wants to kill us?” Will asked jokingly.

“Maybe he’s going to chop us all up into little pieces and bury us somewhere in the bush where no one can find us,” Mr Smarts suggested.

Can I go first? I saw what happened on Wolf Creek, (trust me the kids have not seen one minute of that film) and I don’t want to watch you all being chopped up,” I asked without thinking.

“Sure,” Will agreed. “Who wants to go next?”

Pippa gave a nervous little laugh and then looked like she was going to pass out she was so pale.  I quickly reassured her we were being ridiculous and gave Will and Mr Smarts a cold hard stare before they could open their mouths again. Thankfully, not long after, Mr Smarts turned off into the car park and the murdering psychopath, with a happy toot drove past.  No doubt we probably knew the murdering psychopath after all.

Wearing head torches we walked into the deep dark bush.  A few metres in I began to have doubts that my idea had actually been a good one as all of us, except Mr Smarts who scoffed at the idea, felt like someone was following us.  I turned my head torch around to the back of my head and made Kate walk backwards so we could catch whoever it was. Surprisingly it didn’t to show itself.  I even yelled out in my deepest voice, “We know you’re there so go follow someone else!” Mr Smarts just shook his head and looked like he wanted to run away.

Things flew down at us from the sky whilst other things jumped and rustled close by.  We walked through so many spider webs we were beside ourselves, except Mr Smarts who quickened his pace with the aim of getting the walk over and done with in the shortest time possible.

We stopped at a creek, which during the day is the most beautiful place but at night ………..  Giant moths flew around and around into the kids torch beams leaving me alone for some reason.  I saw Mr Smarts having a quiet chat with the kids while I searched for the platypuses. then all of a sudden I heard him shout “Now!” Except for my solitary beam of light we were in darkness which meant every single giant moth flew at me.  I shrieked like a banshee as they flew around my head whilst everyone else rolled around on the ground laughing especially bleeping, bleeping Mr Smarts. It took me a few minutes to realise that if I turned my torch off they would fly away.  Ooooohhhhhh I wasn’t happy.

Anyway, the end result was that the only animals we saw were possums which we have in abundance in the bush at home.  However, it was an experience that none of us will ever forget, no matter how hard we try.

Thanks to the http://thegraphicsfairy.com/ for the, I have to admit, beautiful moth print.

Copyright 2016

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