The Trouble With Whales

“Kooky!”  Mr Smarts bellowed down the phone. “You’ll never guess what?”

“What dear Mr Smarts?” I asked expectantly.

“I have just heard that a pod of whales will be swimming past our beach sometime today!”

“Whales! Really? Brilliant!” I almost clapped my hands in delight.

“I know! Can you find out what time they will arrive and phone me back?”

“Absolutely, leave it with me,” I said excitedly, already texting everyone I knew who might be in the know but alas, no one had a clue. Not to be outdone I frantically wrote on my facebook page, our local town page, the buy and sell pages across the district, really any page I could get my hands on asking anyone and everyone had they heard that the whales would be visiting and if so, what time could we expect them?

Within seconds messages were flying back and forth in a great flurry but still it appeared no one knew anything and just as I was about to give up all hope a message appeared on my wall, “It is predicted that the whales will be swimming past our shores at approximately 4pm today.” It was 3.55 pm.

“4pm today,” I screamed into the phone at Mr Smarts before grabbing my keys and dashing out to the car. In a mad panic I raced down to the bus stop, collected Kate, Will and Pippa and hightailed it up the hill to the cliffs.  Every other day the cliffs are deserted but not on this day, the road was blocked and the car park was full to bursting,  people and their cameras were everywhere!

“Wow, why are all these people here?” Kate asked amazed at the sight before her.

Nervously I cleared my throat. “I think they must be waiting for the whales.”

“Look, over there!” we heard someone shout. “I think I see a baby whale?”

“Where, where, where?” the crowd chanted frantically.

“Nah, false alarm, it’s only sea weed,” another yelled.

“Ohhhhh,” cried the crowd in disappointment.

“But how do they know about the whales,” Pippa asked innocently.

“Well Pippa dear, I might have told a few people,” I whispered in case anyone heard me.

“Wow, you must have told a lot of people,” Will was impressed.  “I’ve never seen so many people here before, not even in the summer holidays.”

“Yes, well isn’t it jolly. I’ve brought everyone together and they all look like they’re having a fine time,” I declared with more conviction than I felt as I turned the car around and parked it in a secluded spot down the hill.

“I know!” I said excitedly as a thought grew in my head.  “Perhaps if we made whale noises the whales will come?  In fact I’m sure they will!”   Three faces looked at me gob smacked, I popped one mouth shut.

“Look, if you do this I promise to buy you fish and chips for dinner,” I begged.  I had to do something, the crowd was growing bigger and bigger by the minute.

“Far out,” Will mumbled.  “Kooky’s gone really kooky this time!”

“Fish and chips,” I reminded him forcefully.

“Let’s just do it,” I heard Pippa whisper.  “Fish and chips for dinner means we won’t have to eat her cooking.” With a shrug of their shoulders they opened their mouths and made, what they thought were whale noises.

It was all going along swimmingly and who knows it might have worked had we actually opened the car windows for the whales to hear but my guess is, the whales were scared off by the almost punch up in the back seat because someone’s whale noises were too loud in someone else’s ear or, that the child who had been puking the night before looked like she was going to start all over again.

So sadly, much to the dismay of everyone in the car park, the whales did not grace us with their presence but we did see rather a large number of very fat bush rats which freaked us all out until we pretended they were guinea pigs with tails. That is except for Will who wanted to feed them.

Copyright 2016


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