Twas the Night Before Mudderella and Kooky is Freaking Out

It’s the eve before Mudderella and I am listening to my kids complain about whose doing what with the dishes. Suddenly I want tomorrow to come instantly but of course it isn’t gracious enough to abide my commands.

So instead I will settle on my outfit. Most will wear singlets with skins, some more adventurous will wear tutus but one group I love wore this


How fun  and look at the admiring glances they are receiving.  I particularly like the silver suit and the lime green.  I wonder why they didn’t think of these for the 80’s?  Imagine George Michael strutting around on stage in one of these!  Better not, it’s making me blush.

But then with my newly toned body perhaps I need something a little racier to show off all my hard work.
Something like this little number


On second thoughts though, with one arm and one leg uncovered there’s just too much for the mud to cling to.

Then there are the skin colored leggings. Mud on those wouldn’t really matter, it might even add to the whole outfit.  I might even make the papers.  Perhaps I could wear them to the Melbourne Cup next year.  I must keep that in mind.


I did think of going with the bacon bra.  I could  snack along the way but what if people insisted I share. No thank you! Ooohhh imagine bacon bottoms. I don’t think I should go there…


I keep sending our team suggestions on what to wear but they are either ignoring me or are simply not getting my messages.   Quite a number of them are strangers to me, I think they may be a little scared. That is except for Mrs Enthusiastic and Mrs Freaking Out who just agree with whatever I say because it’s much easier for all of us if they do.

I have however found a pair of gloves which I love and a little shower cap which, if I was wearing the bacon bra would go quite nicely.


A touch of camo in case I need to get lost, runaway or hide.


How pretty is my shower cap?  See what I mean bacon first, dessert later?

And last but not least my very splendid Dame Edna Glasses.  They will complete whatever I decide on wearing don’t you think?  Mrs Enthusiastic has just messaged that we should wear fascinators.  Now that’s a little extreme don’t you think?


Obviously there is way too much for me to decide on so I will go away and have a little drink.

Happy Weekend everyone, chin chin and please, say a prayer for me, I’m definitely going to need it.
Copyright 2016


4 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Mudderella and Kooky is Freaking Out

    1. We don’t have any photos yet. We had to rely on the photographers on the day, apparently more are being posted on the mudderella site next week. But I can tell you not the bacon bra, even though someone was wishing I had because she was hungry half way through the day.. Not the skin colored leggings because a few of my team said they would vomit if I did. No one would have noticed the puke in the mud so I’m regretting I didn’t. The glasses were lost along the way, the gloves were thrown off pretty much straight away as they were useless. the cap was good for awhile and I was very grateful to be covered almost head to foot. Thanks for reading 🙂


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