Nomination Time

A big hello to you all,

This is not my usual kind of post but I have been nominated by Duhmerica  to answer a few questions.  I am in awe of Duhmerica as he writes two blogs

I’m not sure how you do it Duhmerica but I take my hat off to you.

There is no doubt will appear on our screens one day.  Very impressive indeed Duhmerica.

As I have taken an inordinately amount of time to actually answer these questions  I will go further and tell you a bit more about myself.

So here goes

6 Quick Facts About Me


fire in the sky

There I was, late one night, home alone and living in the country  watching Fire in the Sky when, just as Walton the alien abductee was about to be experimented on I suddenly found myself in total darkness. Scared witless I hid under the bed and didn’t come out until the lights flickered on hours later.

I’m sure it was a warning to let me know they, the aliens were watching me.  I lived in the middle of nowhere, the kind of place aliens like to pluck people from the earth and take them up into their space ships to do who knows what to them.  So now, whenever I get the creepy feeling that someone is watching me I yell at the top of my voice,

“My name is Scully and I’m married to Mulder so back off or I’ll fry you with my zapper,” and I wave my lightsaber menacingly in front of me.  It appears to be working so far.



Let’s just say I could be Bilbo Baggins sister, we have the same feet. Someone  asked me recently if I was shrinking so why not go all out and just say  that I am, in fact, Bilbo Baggins.

Public Toilets

After writing about Mr Fit in Flatulent Mr Fit I stepped in not one, not two but three human poohs on consecutive days.  They were all found in public loos, one unfortunately in the dark.  It will be a long time before I forget the squishy feeling from under my thong.  I ask you, what is wrong with some people? Photo missing for obvious reasons.

Familywine bottles

I have two teenagers and one tween.  So let’s just say three teenagers because I’m not really seeing any difference in the teenage-tween thing.  Yes my drinking habits have increased tenfold and I am seriously thinking  about booking into therapy for at least the next 7 years.

Televisionvikings 2

Vikings.  Unusual for me to enjoy watching such a show but it’s exceptional.  Blood, gore, fabulous hair styles, what’s not to love?


boy george 2Paul Kelly, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Sting, Grace Jones and Boy George of course .

Now the questions from  Duhmerica.

Who is you favorite comedian/comedians of all time and why?french and saundersFrench and Saunders of course.  How could it be anyone else?

You can have sex with any star but it would leave you with an incurable STD, who would you pick?

Mr BeanMr Bean. It would take him years to get around to it and by the time he did I would probably be on my way out anyway. I think the shocked look on his face says it all, don’t you?

Have you ever watched Trailer Park Boys? If not, what they hell is wrong with you?BubblesShould I be ashamed to write that I had never even heard of it until now.  I’m guessing it hasn’t aired in Australia?  Bubbles certainly makes it look interesting….

Would you give Chris Christie a sponge bath for $500? Why or why not?

chris ChristieHmm, what can one do with $500 these days?  Not much really so he can go sponge himself.

Do you know any producers who will help my blog become a sitcom or Netflix series?

stalkerSorry that’s a no but I will come and stalk them with you if you like?

Earth-round or Flat?


If the earth isn’t round then why am I still digging to China?

And that’s it for me but before I go have you watched Fire in the Sky or some other horrendous alien movie which you still can’t shake?  I need to know I am not alone.

Until next time Nanu Nanu.

Copyright 2016 








2 thoughts on “Nomination Time

    1. I think I should just buy Dan Murphys. It’s big which means I may not run out of booze for at least a year or two.

      I still haven’t watched the rest of the movie, it’s only been 16 years since I watched 1/2 of it. It will probably be ridiculously lame now so I do apologise if you fall asleep or think it’s so pathetic you can’t stand to look at it. Keep a light saber handy though, you never know.


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