Mrs Groovy Texts Again.

Mrs Groovy did something frightfully embarrassing and is not feeling very groovy at all. You see Mrs Groovy works for a global organization and is held in very high regard throughout the company. She recently attended a conference with at least one hundred of her colleagues, Mrs Red included. The keynote speaker was a dashing man, who for some strange reason sent Mrs Groovy’s pulse racing whenever she set eyes on him.

He was so good looking with his model stance, gleaming white teeth and perfect physic that Mrs Groovy found him  irresistible. She was entranced. She followed his every move and all sorts of vigorous images popped into her head.

“I am a happily married woman. This can’t be happening to me,” she told herself firmly. But it was no use, she couldn’t help it, he tickled her fancy. To make matters worse, after Mr Dashing had finished speaking he sat down next to her. Mrs Groovy blushed violently when he turned and caught her staring at him. He raised his eyebrows questioningly but she pretended not to notice and busied herself with her paperwork.

“Is there something wrong?” Mr Dashing asked Mrs Groovy. “You look very red, almost as though you’re about to explode? He smelt so sexy Mrs Groovy almost swooned in her chair. Quickly he handed her a glass of water and watched as she sipped it gratefully.
“Thank you, just need to get some fresh air,” she stammered self-consciously and grabbing her phone excused herself and walked out onto the balcony.

“Everything ok?” Mrs Red texted.

“Fine,” Mrs Groovy replied. “Just a bit hot in there.”

“Hot! You can’t be serious it’s freezing in here!” Mrs Red wrote back. “I just asked them to turn the heating up. You’re not starting menopause are you?”

Mrs Groovy glared at her friend through the glass door.

“Sorry but you were looking a bit sweaty,” Mrs Red apologized. “Would you email me the notes for this afternoon session? Not sure where mine have gone. Thx.”

Mrs Groovy found the requested email and without thinking added the following message,

“Do you see that dashing man at my table? He reminds me of someone but I can’t figure out who. Is he famous? I keep having improper thoughts about him and it has me all hot and bothered.” She pressed send and with a woosh the email went up into the atmosphere and with a ping landed in Mrs Red’s phone.

Mrs Groovy was startled. The ping could be heard all the way out to the balcony, it was so loud. Puzzled, she watched as everyone in the room picked up their phone along with Mrs Red. Mrs Red looked aghast at her. Mrs Groovy suddenly felt very uncomfortable, especially when she realized all eyes in the room were gaping at her in astonishment.

She squirmed under their scrutiny. They refused to look away. She couldn’t look away. She knew something obviously wasn’t right but what was it? Quickly she walked back to her seat and sat down.

“Thank you for your complement but no I am not famous,” Mr Dashing smiled at her. “I wonder who I remind you of though?” Humiliated Mrs Groovy glared at Mrs Red.

“You actually sent the email to everyone in the room, not just to me,” Mrs Red smiled uncertainly. Mrs Groovy gasped for air and turned deathly pale.

“You remind Mrs Groovy of her husband, Mr Groovy. He looks just like you,” Mrs Red informed Mr Dashing. “Don’t worry  this happens a bit.  Not long ago, for example, she sent a text to her ex husband telling him she wanted to give him a good spanking.  Which she certainly did not, Mr Groovy was the intended  spankee.”  Mr Dashing choked on his coffee.Mr Groovy and His Hairy Back Bottom

“I’m sure you’re starting the pause,” she whispered to Mrs Groovy before she returned to her own table.

Mortified Mrs Groovy didn’t know what to do. Thankfully Mr Dashing returned to the podium taking the spotlight with him.

“By now you will have read the email which was sent by Mrs Groovy,” Mr Dashing addressed the crowd. “Mrs Groovy will you please join me?”

Mrs Groovy wanted to hide under the table not stand up so everyone could gawk at her again. Mr Dashing gave her an encouraging smile with his glistening teeth. Willing herself forward Mrs Groovy stood on the stage next to the man, who of course, looked just like her husband Mr Groovy.

“Our next session in today’s event is Cyber Safety. I am very grateful to Mrs Groovy for working with me on that little exercise. I could tell by your reaction that the email you received from Mrs Groovy shocked quite a few of you. That you did indeed believe it had been sent accidentally to the group instead of just to Mrs Red?” Murmurs of assent could be heard throughout the vast room.

“The email was an exercise in cyber safety. Now you can understand how easily these mistakes can be made. This looked like a harmless, personal email sent to the wrong person, amusing yes but what if it had been confidential information? How damaging would that be?” Mr Dashing asked. Mumbling and muttering could be heard from the crowd below.

“A round of applause please for Mrs Groovy,” he said giving her a sly wink. And just like sheep they all clapped vigorously, except for Mrs Red who looked at her friendly skeptically and gave her a knowing little smile.

Thankfully I haven’t done this ….yet.  How about you?

Copyright 2016


11 thoughts on “Mrs Groovy Texts Again.

  1. As if Mrs Groovy needed any more reason to be lusting after Mr Dashing!!!!???!!! He saved her bacon! Lol. What a lovely thing to do. He sounds a bit of alright. Move over Mrs Groovy 😉
    I’ve been caught. It’s a long story but I lost a friend over it a long time ago. I might share it on my blog one day. I learnt many lessons. 1. Don’t be a bitch and 2. always check you’re sending to the right person!!!!
    Thanks for the giggle Kooky and friends x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I think I’m in love with Mr Dashing. Does he look like Heathcliff? That’s how I picture him. This would be an excellent start to a love story. No, no wrong texts but I did accidentally call a school principal (who was thinking of hiring me) Beezlebub the other day. Not joking. Stupid autocorrect.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Dashing has single handedly restored my faith in chivalry. Your pic of Mr Clooney was sooo right! It wouldn’t matter to me what the seminar was about if Mr C was Mr D…..ahhh

    Liked by 2 people

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