Baz and The Miracle Pugs

Disappointed to learn that not only had he scarred Mrs Fit for life by catching her almost naked in the bathroom, save for a pair of suspenders and a flimsy piece of black lace, apparently he had also been a bit of  glitch at their anniversary lunch. If you have no idea of what I am banging on about click here Baz and A Pair Of Suspenders to find out more.

Baz was told in a very stern manner that he had been boisterous,  obnoxious and certainly hadn’t treated the whole fabulous eating experience with the respect it deserved.

To make amends, Baz  booked a lovely room at a very swanky hotel and reserved a table for the cranky couple on a floating restaurant. He was rather delighted with himself and even offered to mind their cute little pugs Angel and Albert.

Freddy took quite awhile unpacking the pugs belongings from his car.  The toys, the dog blankets, the day beds, the evening beds, containers of freshly cooked stew,(surely there was enough to share)  sleeping jackets,  a tin of tuna,  tooth brushes, dogie dental floss and last but not least a a bottle of Rescue Remedy for dogs. Baz was very grateful when Freddy finally drove away and left them in peace.

The afternoon passed easily. Baz served the pugs their delicious dinner and organised their beds. Unfortunately, not outside as he would have preferred but inside at the foot of his bed.  They complained loudly when he tried to move them. He most certainly did not brush their teeth and he shoved the dogie dental floss way down the bottom of their enormous bag. The tuna was perfect for his salad.

The next morning was dismal and raining so Baz decided to drive to the shop to get the papers. He usually walked but he was tried from the pugs incessant snoring throughout the night. He attached their collars and leads, diamantes for Angel and studs for Albert and headed outside.

The pugs hated the rain and growled as they stepped through the puddles.  Baz did feel sorry for them and even more so when he realized he had left his car keys on the kitchen table.

“You stay right here,” he told them, as he tied their leads over the tow bar.  “I’ll be  back in a jiffy.”  But the keys weren’t on the kitchen table, nor were they in their usual hiding places.  Frustrated, he searched high and low until he eventually found them in his coat pocket.

Running back into the rain he jumped into the car and without another thought drove the short drive to get his papers.

“What’s with the  leads on the back of your car?” Dave the shopkeeper asked.

“What leads?” Baz asked, momentarily forgetting about the dear little pugs.

“Look like dog leads to me,” Jo from down the road said.

“Oh nooooooo!” Baz wailed as he rushed outside.  Sure enough the leads were there, swaying in the wind but the collars were empty.  The dogs were nowhere to be seen.

Baz drove slowly home, fearful of what he might find but whatever there might have been, the rain had washed away.

What was he to do?  He thought about buying replacement pugs but no one had any to sell.  He considered leaving the country but his passport had expired last month.  Perhaps if he went under police protection?  But of course there was nothing to do but wait until Freddy and Mrs Fit returned.

Baz spent most of the day staring out the window, willing the pugs to appear but all that appeared was Freddy bounding up the stairs to his front door.

What a weekend it had been, Freddy was exuberant.  Mrs Fit had loved the swanky hotel and the floating restaurant had been a real find. Now if he could just grab the pugs he would be off.

Baz handed Freddy a tumbler of whisky, no ice and filled to the brim.  He sat him down at the table and was about to relive the whole sorry story, when Freddy’s phone beeped. It was Mrs Fit.

With a look of surprise Freddy read the message. Angel and Albert were already home. How nice of Baz to drop them off.  They had obviously had a marvelous time as they were absolutely exhausted but Mrs Fit wondered where their collars were.

Baz couldn’t believe his luck and said a little prayer of thanks to his beloved wife who must have been watching over him. He didn’t pause to wonder how they had run the 10 kilometers home on their stubby legs.  They were alive and that was all that mattered.  That and the whisky he had to calm his nerves.

Has anything like this happened to you?

11 thoughts on “Baz and The Miracle Pugs

  1. Hahaha! WHERE do you get this stuff from? Lol. Are these real people? Real events? If so you sure do have some funny and interesting characters in your life.

    And dental floss for dogs? Really? I am so out of touch. Poor Digger. He’s never gonna pick up with his dog breath and lacklustre lead. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All 100% true and the stars are either besties or related to me, hence the secrecy of who I am 😉 I don’t think dogs really mind stinky breath especially when they smell each other’s butts in greeting. Oh to be a dog, yuck.


    1. After this story I have heard too many horrific stories about accidents with farm dogs. I am wishing people wouldn’t share.


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