Kooky wrangles with Mickey Mouse

Today the culling began in earnest for our move to the country.  Mr Smarts and I were very gung-ho, but the Smarties were bored within the first five minutes.  They disappeared and now I’m wondering if they have run away as we have not sighted them since.  Mr Smarts just locked the doors in case they do decide to come back.
Anyway, there we were slaving away getting rid of all kinds of crap when Mr Smarts shouted, “Ah there it is!” and swept a dead mouse out from behind a bookcase. Now Mickey, as we liked to call him,  had been driving us not so silently insane, especially at night as he scampered across the ceiling so I was, I’m afraid to say, quite happy to see his little corpse.

However, you might recall that in my last blog I wondered if Mr Smarts thought I was dim witted. Now even I’m not sure because in my head I decided that if I was going to be a tiara wearing farm girl here was the perfect chance  to prove to myself that I could toughen up and be one.
 So I picked up that dead little mouse, don’t worry I was gloved up, by the tail and proudly called Pippa to take a photo, (at this stage I hadn’t realized she’d left the building). I was going to post this photo on instagram, fb, pinterest and tumblr as I was beside myself with pride.  That was  until I saw something drop from the mouse to the floor.
 “Oh look Mr Smarts, somethings dropping to the ground. I wonder what it could be?” I said dim wittedly.
Five seconds later I was screaming and gagging because the damn mouse had been invaded with maggots. I threw it to the ground and shrieked like a banshee.  Maggots spilled to the ground, it’s poor tummy was infested.  Mr Smarts thought it all absolutely hilarious and is now whining because his ribs hurt from laughing so much.
 Needless to say, I have spared you a photo of the maggot ridden mouse and instead will show you the mouse we bought for Halloween. I have been scaring people senseless with it ever since, even, I’m pleased to say, Mr Smarts.
Obviously I have yet to earn my tiara but I’m confident it won’t be long before I do. Don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Kooky wrangles with Mickey Mouse

  1. You will definitely earn that tiara in no time! You are so much braver than me! I once walked into our house middle of the day to see a mouse running across the lounge room I screamed so hysterically I killed the mouse with my scream I absolutely kid you not!
    You are so brave!

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      1. You are still pretty amazing! I don’t do rodents full stop! If Mr Haze ever knocked off the perch I would have to replace him pretty quickly! The bloody mini haze’s once too a mouse out of the mouth of one of the dogs and waved in my face and said morning mum!!! Everyone thinks my fear of rodents is pretty funny in the Haze household!

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  2. I don’t do mice :/ can handle spiders, and not completely terrified of snakes, but mice dead or alive uurrrggghhh. When first living in my own place, I had a rather long breakdown finding a mouse caught in the trap, took a LOT of willpower to get rid of it, almost almost rang my brother to come to the rescue!!

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  3. Ugh! I’ve not had mice problems here in Oz (yet) but when I lived in East Timor I had one inside. I got a mousetrap and tried to set it but I was very drunk at the time and still remember sitting on my kitchen floor in a tiara (one of my colleagues had a drinking toybox) and trying to set this trap. In the end I used something that meant the mouse stuck to it… but I almost thought that’s worse as I was worried the poor thing lay there until it starved… until I was told the stuff poisons them AND glues them in place. #eek

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