Santa Clause Rounds Up The Cows

It was the Christmas Bus Party yesterday and Bob, the bus driver, had done a magnificent job decorating.   Balloons danced from the ceiling, streamers billowed through the windows and Christmas carols blared from the portable cd player.

“Help yourselves,” Bob said shoving bags of lollies and cans of soft drink into their hands.  “And ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas,” he sneezed as the fluffy, white, Santa beard tickled his nose. The bus rolled on and the kids ate their lollies and tried to drown out the carols with their head phones.

They were surprised though when the bus made a sudden stop half way round a bend.

“Cows are out,” Bob announced as he scrambled out of his seat.  “Got to go help.  Be back in a jiffy.”  And with that he bolted out the door waving his arms whistling, “Get along there girls.”  A bemused kelpie looked at him scornfully.

“Oh sorry Jock,” Bob apologized.  “Didn’t see you down there.” The dog glared at him. He had done an excellent job of rounding up the cows when the screech from the brakes of the bus frightened them and sent them running off again.  He shot Bob a baleful look before getting back to work.

“Look, there’s Santa,” a kid screamed excitedly from a waiting car. “Look, he’s helping with the cows.  Do you think he’s got any lollies?”

“Lollies,” Bob grinned.  “Did you say lollies?” and he rushed back onto the bus, grabbed a handful of lollies and passed them out to the kids in the cars, of which, by now, there were many.

With the cows safely put away the bus drove home dropping the kids off one by one.

As Kate, Will and Pippa were walking home along the road another bus pulled up beside them, stopping the cars behind it.

“Hello there,” the bus driver said.  “New to the area are you?  That house over there yours?  Why aren’t you on my bus? If you were on my bus I’d pick you up at your gate.  I wouldn’t make you walk way up the road to the bus stop, (it’s a two minute walk if that). You tell Bob I told you that.  Fancy making you walk all that way,” and he drove off wishing them a Merry Christmas.

So even though I was very unsure about living out here in the country, surrounded by farm land, I do have to wonder, (don’t tell Mr Smarts because he will kill me) why we didn’t move sooner.

Did any of you have a Christmas Bus Party?  My grumpy arsed bus driver would have had a conniption at the mere suggestion of one so I’m a big NO. I did ask the kids if I could go to theirs.  I’m sure Bob would have let me but “Oh Gawd Mum you’re just so wrong,” was their response.  There’s always next year though.


10 thoughts on “Santa Clause Rounds Up The Cows

    1. They are aren’t they. We lived in Clare SA for awhile, before kids and Woodend Vic before that where we were surrounded by wineries. Only a few wineries here, none within sight but it’s just as lovely.


  1. I am imagining this and think it is fantastic! A bit like the time that my little two door festiva was used to round up the prize merinos because the rains came!

    Soooo it isn’t too bad out there in the one room shack on Walton Mountain??!!

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  2. I’m intrigued about the idea… was it a bus you were travelling on that happened to be celebrating, or a special bus solely for the celebration?

    One never knows about these country folk?!

    Sounds excellent, though grown-up drinks would have been good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was the kids everyday bus. Their new bus driver is a hoot and the kids adore him. I wonder if he would ferry me about the farm with grown up drinks 🙂


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