Goodbye Sweet Miss Molly

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this short and simple post.

On the weekend our most precious Miss Molly was bitten by a snake and even though she fought so hard to stay with us, it was impossible, as she had been bitten far too many times.

We miss her dreadfully and still think we hear her barking and running to us as we drive through the front gates, her tail wagging furiously.  And I am convinced that I hear the rattle of her lead, just like I used to, when she would drop it at my feet letting me know it was time for our walk.

Other dogs will come and go, our family would not be complete without one but she will always be in hearts.  Oh these pets, not human but so close they might as well be.

We love you to the moon and back sweet girl and a million, trillion, zillion times more.

And don’t you rest in peace gorgeous girl, you chase those seagulls as fast as you can along that long, long beach.

Until we meet again xxxx


14 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Miss Molly

  1. My heart ached reading this Kooky. Pets might as well be family, they play such a big part in our lives. I can only imagine how traumatic the whole ordeal must have been for you all. Is that a photo of her? Your feature photo? In any case it’s a cracker. You’ll always have your memories. RIP Miss Molly x

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    1. Thanks Shauna, it is Miss Molly and yes we have so many lovely memories. We were lucky to have had such a gorgeous, sweet natured dog. Hope you are okay with your sad loss xx


    1. Thanks Michelle, you will be pleased to know I chopped a snake into four pieces as it slithered around one of the kids feet not long after we moved here. Thankfully she was wearing boots, stupid me was wearing thongs. I felt sick at the time, now not so much. She was gorgeous as we miss her dreadfully xx

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