Zombies, Werewolves and Ghoulish Scarecrows

As soon as we had recovered from the shock of Mrs Groovy advising us that she was bringing her little princesses to camp on our farm, Will had an idea which, in the end, scared Mrs Groovy half to death

You see, 14 year old Will and his mate had made scarecrows to scare off any intruders, namely us, his beloved family, should we come across their secret base/camp/hideout in the middle of our bush. Now these scarecrows are not normal scarecrows, they are quite terrifying, and as we have a glorious twelve acres of bush they are not noticeable unless you happen to stumble across them. Will thought that he might have some fun with Mrs Groovy and how correct he was.

With Mrs Groovy’s brand new Taj Mahal tent erected, Will managed to convince Mrs Groovy to collect firewood with him. Of course, the trip across the paddock took an age because Mrs Groovy’s interpretation of gum boots was a pair of gorgeous, knee high, leather boots with heels which constantly kept getting stuck in the soft ground, not to mention the squishy cow paddies. But Will was very patient and eventually they made it into the bush.

“What the hell is that?” she screamed as Will swept the torch across the most terrifying of all the scarecrows.

“What?” he asked innocently.

“That thing over there,” she snatched the torch from him and aimed it at the scarecrow.

“It looks like a zombie!” Will screamed getting in on the act.

“Zombies aren’t real!” Mrs Groovy screamed.

“Haven’t you seen the Living Dead,” Will asked.  “Zombies rule the world.”

“It has something written on it’s front!” she screamed. “It looks like it’s been written in blood!”

“It’s says “This could be you,” Will screamed again. “Look at it’s head, it must have been strangled!”

“I’m getting out of here,” Mrs Grooy screamed.

“No, we have to see what it is,” Will screamed.

“Are you out of your frigging mind!” Mrs Groovy screamed at him. She grabbed hold of his arm so he wouldn’t leave her. “Get off our land you maniac.  Leave us in peace.  Leave now or I’m getting the shot gun and I’m going to blow your brains out!” She screamed at the scarecrow.

“We don’t have a shot gun,” Will informed her.  “We’d have to phone our neighbour if we wanted to blow it’s brains out.  She’s got a gun, I guess she’d come down and do it for us,” he said.  Mrs Groovy looked at him as though she wanted to blow his brains out.

And then, from the bowels of the dark, menacing bush a strangled howl rose up, softly at first then it roared.

“What was that?” Mrs Groovy croaked. She could barely speak she was so terrified, plus her throat was sore from screaming so much.

“That,” Will said uncertainly, “I have absolutely no idea,” and with Mrs Groovy hot on his heels they hightailed it back to the house and locked all the doors, leaving us outside with the zombies and the werewolves/foxes.

Halloween can’t come around fast enough, this year it’s going to be brilliant. As for the photo below, please imagine it was taken at night. Fabulous don’t you think?


Thanks Atul Sabnis and Midlife Drama in Pyjamas xx



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