She wants to pack her bags and go

I have been hesitant to write this post and am not quite convinced that I won’t be doing a follow up next week informing you that the newest member of our family, Miss Poppy, has decided to pack her bags and move on to greener pastures.  I mean literally pack her food bowl and move on. You see, even though we adore her, it is quite obvious that she doesn’t feel the same way about us and we have absolutely no idea why.

When she ate the rat bait hidden under the house, (placed there by the previous owner) we drove her straight to the vet and even felt the small, black, chunks of poison in the slimy vomit the vet proffered us.  I know, how fabulous.

When she sliced her head open on the barbed wire fence we drove her straight back to the vet and watched as he secured the meaty flap of skin back down again.   Sure we all felt like fainting but we stayed strong and pretended we were in the middle of a nightmare instead.

We even congratulated her when we discovered that she liked to supplement her diet with mice, (minus the rat bait of course).  Yes, it isn’t pleasant when you’re eating breakfast and a mouse pops out of your dog’s mouth.  You want to gag but you find the tiny creature lying peacefully on the door mat so mesmerizing that your barley flinch when the dog picks it up and swallows it.


Oh but it doesn’t end there. Out it pops again. Not only has she swallowed it but she’s regurgitated it and will do so a few more times.  Examine the photo more clearly, see the little feet and the long tail.  No, not pleasant at all and strangely, after the eighth or ninth time it’s still very unpleasant.

So you see we have been very accommodating to her needs which is why we don’t understand why when anyone comes to visit  she will climb into their car and refuse to get out.

Our poor neighbor almost crashed his truck into a tree the other day when she climbed out from under the front passenger seat. All the doors had been shut but the window had been left open. There is no stopping her.

And the kids were mortified when she bounded onto the school bus and ran up and down the aisle licking anyone she could.  Now she has to be tied up until the bus is safely on its way again, kids orders not Bob’s, (the driver).  Sometimes I forget though and man, are the kids cranky when they walk through the front door.

Poor Jo the garbage man has had to turn his truck around and drop her off twice. The bike riders riding past yesterday took her on a bit of a run and dropped her off on their way back.  She desperately wanted to leave with Mrs Groovy and her Groovettes last weekend and even went as far as climbing into the boot.

I spend half the morning wondering where she is because she likes to go exploring, here, there and everywhere.  Honestly it’s like having a wandering toddler.  Let’s just say she’s lucky she’s cute because if she wasn’t, who knows where she would be now.

18 thoughts on “She wants to pack her bags and go

      1. Ah ha you found me 🙂 Halloween will be nothing as good as your used too but we have fun. Well I do 🙂


  1. What a Miss personality award winning Doggie. She’s just spreading the love. Glad mine is a city dog tho cos I am not sure i would keep breakfast down if she did that trick with the mouse.

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  2. Regurgitated mice. OMG! I don’t want to sound like a know it all but I have heard that kelpies are one man dogs so maybe she hasn’t bonded with one family member yet? Or maybe she’s just a naughty puppy and will grow out of it. My chihuahua gets all clingy when we have visitors because he thinks I’m going to give him away. Mind you sometimes I feel like it when he barks nonstop.

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    1. Oh that’s hilarious. We bought her from the most charming man who cried when she left. She is probably trying to get back to him. Will take her back for a visit soon xx


  3. Gosh, they keep you on your toes, don’t they? Ours go for rats and pigeons, and wander through the house with feathers trailing behind as if its not at all unusual.
    Let’s hope she grows out of it and settles down! x

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    1. Let’s just say there’s lots of swearing from the veranda when I panic and can’t find her. Hopefully she will settle down soon x


  4. I’m sure she’s not really trying to leave home. Animals are just nosey buggers! A friend of mine set off down the road in her car the other day, got to the roundabout, glanced over her shoulder and saw her cat lounging across the back seat; with an expression on it’s face that clearly said, “Yes…was there something? Do you have a problem?” 🙂

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    1. I hope you’re right because she is part of our family now, well we think she is. Got to love a smart cat x


  5. We have a kelpie too Kooks. He’s only a year old and he is hard work I tell you. Too smart for his own good and like you, we can’t turn our back on him for too long. It IS like having a toddler and so stressful! I’m on high alert whenever he is out of his enclosure. My dogs (the kelpie and the border collie) will jump into the back of my car too at every opportunity. I think they like going to the vets! Maybe your puppy enjoys the love and affection she gets from these outing too!

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  6. Strangely ours enjoys going to the vets too, go figure. I have taken to keeping a bottle of leather cleaning spray in the car, she is shocking and leaves muddy footprints all over the place. And that wet dog smell, gawd.


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