There’s A Mouse In Her Pants!

Little Miss Fit arrived home from school very proud.  She was the first student to be given the task of looking after the class pet, Max the Mouse for the whole weekend. All the other kids had been so jealous.

But Mrs Fit was far from impressed that Max the Mouse was to spend the entire weekend with them.  She despised mice.  She hated the stinky, little rodents so much, that if she could, she would eradicate every single one of them off the face of the earth.

She does have a good reason though.  You see, when she had been around the same age as Little Miss Fit, a horrible little mouse had run up the inside of her track pants while she in the middle of  her music class.

Unable to find its way out, it bit and scratched her until, without thinking, she pulled her pants down and revealed her big, white, frilly knickers, to her entire class. From that day forward she was known as “Boggy Bloomers.”

Oh how she wanted to take a broom to the stinking little mouse before her, but knew she couldn’t. Well, not while Little Miss Fit was watching.  Instead, she banished it to the laundry and made sure that the door was kept shut at all times.

Max the Mouse didn’t seem to mind.  He ran around and around on his exercise wheel and never seemed to get puffed out.  He had so much energy it was exhausting to watch.

Little Miss Fit was worried he wasn’t getting enough air though.  The lid did have lots of holes in it but, just to be sure, she decided to remove it completely. Why he even needed a lid in the first place was beyond her.  He was far too small to be able to climb out.  But was he?

In the early hours of the morning Mrs Fit woke with a start from a most terrifying nightmare.  She had dreamt that the mouse from years before had returned and was running amok all through the bed. It had even bitten her fiercely on her ear with it’s razor sharp teeth. The nightmare had been so real her ear ached.  Surely not? She touched it tentatively.  It really did hurt.

Shaking, she reached for her glass of water from the bedside table and took a sip. She coughed and spluttered. Something was in the glass.  Something had tickled her nose. She turned on the light and almost sent Mr Fit through the roof with her screams.

Max the mouse was lying upside down in her glass of water.  She had almost drunk him.  His tail had tickled her nose.  He had drowned in her glass of water.  The rotten f#@&ing mouse had bitten her ear after all!

“Well at least it wasn’t a rat,” was all Mr Fit had to say on the matter.

Ever managed to drink a mouse before?

Come on, don’t be embarrassed share your story with us if you have.

Thanks for reading,

Kooky xx






15 thoughts on “There’s A Mouse In Her Pants!

  1. Holy mackerel! How did that go down at school on Monday? Lindsay’s class used to have a pet budgie that died on a weekend visit, apparently from ‘natural causes’. I have my suspicions though. I reckon it might have suffered a similar fate to your mouse. Hehe.

    No, can’t say I have ever drunk one. Euuu!

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      1. Lol..a mouse in my pants i wish!!.out hunting on day and a small squirrel ran up my boot and in to my pants what a feeling ran past ny knee up my thigh and finally ran back down and bolted up a tree..true story


  2. I once nearly drank a daddy long legs… we were on hols in France, in a restaurant, and had been served a dark brown jug of wine. I went to pour out the wine and saw said bug prone across the top of the liquid, it’s legs touching all the edges of the jug. Naturally I screamed and dropped the jug!

    I have actually eaten a fly though… walking along talking it just flew in when my mouth was open, and before I knew it I’d swallowed the bloody thing! Ewwww!!

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  3. Oh my god, you’re a mouse magnet! I cannot imagine anything worse.

    I had a gecko crawl up my leg recently and flicked at it so harshly (through my pants) that I knocked its tail off. (And then I felt bad!)

    I’d be banning vermin from the house from now on… especially those brought in ON PURPOSE!!!!

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    1. Worse still, the next morning, 5.30 to be exact, something dark and furry ran in between my feet. I’ve been told to get used to them because “when the rains are a comin” so are the mice. Frig!


  4. I have never drunk a mouse. That’d be horrible. The poor mouse. We had one running around here for a while. It was small and black and evil. We caught it with a humane trap and released it back into the wild to join its satanic brethren cult.

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