Life at Withering Plains – Part 1

Living Off The Grid In Summer

On the very first day of daylight saving, with much fanfare and trumpet blowing, I rescued the toaster from the shipping container where it had resided during the bleak winter months and escorted it down the red carpet and into the house.

For the next few hours we watched, mesmerized, as it turned our soft, fluffy, bread into delicious, mouth-watering, crispy, buttery, toast. Oh what a happy day that was.

The next day, the sandwich maker was dusted off and escorted down the red carpet. Gooey ham and cheese toasties were all we ate for a week.

Day after day the parade down the red carpet continued until all our electrical appliances were restored to their former glory.

The booming sounds of the Xbox shook the house and all those in it, until we noticed the traumatized cows huddled together in the paddock.  They thought their days were numbered by the sounds of heavy artillery reverberating from the house.

Not once did the ice cream and sorbet end up in a watery, creamy mess in the bottom of the freezer.  We laughed when brain-freeze caught us unawares and when our teeth ached from those first spoonful’s.

The carpets were vacuumed on a regular basis.  No more sneezing and itchy eyes for us.

There were no nasty surprises left stewing in the toilet bowl either. The pump made up for its semi-retirement over the winter months and worked over time.

The hairdryer and straightener were put to good use.  Gone were my headaches at the end of the day from pulling my crazy, ‘Crusty-the-Clown’ hair into a tight bun and giving myself a face lift at the same time.

The only thing that didn’t get to walk the red carpet was the microwave.  There is literally nowhere for it to sit and surprisingly, we realised we hadn’t missed it anyway.

With the long, hot, summer ahead of us life at Withering Plains was looking promising.  Gone were the nagging thoughts of listing the property with a real-estate agent and fleeing back to the big city. How could we have even thought such a thing?

Then Mrs Groovy paid a visit and everything went to hell, again. But that’s a whole other story which I will save for my next post. Just to give you a hint of what happened, this is the title

The Black Plague at Withering Plains 2018

It’s a wonder we’re all still sane.

Links to read what it’s like living off the grid in Winter:

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I doubt we are sane.

Thanks for reading,

Kooky x


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