The Blair Witch Is In Our Backyard.

Every night when I go for a walk in our 12 acres of bush I scare myself stupid imaging I’m in The Blair Project. I know! I can’t help it but our bush, at night, looks just like it.

Obviously, I always take a torch with me but last night my torch ran out of battery. Smarts always claims he can see in the dark so never bothers to carry one. Scarily, it was pitch black and I mean pitch black. I couldn’t even see the outline of the trees it was so dark.

Of course Smarts took it upon himself to scare the living crap out of me by jumping out from behind the trees  or  whispering  my name like frigging Voldemort. He thought he was hilarious. I did not! I was going sightly insane.

Do you know what though? He’s too scaredy to watch The Blair Witch Project. But guess what he’s watching Saturday night? And guess where he’s watching it? You betcha, in the bush and I’m locking all the doors so he can’t get back in.

Have a movie that scared you stupid? I also can’t go near our pets graves at night, you know Pet Cemetery and all.

Have a great weekend.  You’ll no doubt hear Smarts screams, no matter how far away you are so sorry about that.

Kooky x

6 thoughts on “The Blair Witch Is In Our Backyard.

      1. Really. A child wandered into my yard a few days later, stopped in her tracks when she saw me at the kitchen window and just stared. This scenario was so much like a scene in the movie that I questioned whether I was hallucinating…


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