Queen of Procrastination – A Withering Plains Update

Forget my self-appointed title, Queen of Calves, I am now the Queen of Procrastination.

Why you may ask? Because I’m attempting to write my second novel, even though my first is still out and about doing the agent trail.  Foolish of me? Absabloodylutely! But still I plod on even though the characters are being so uncooperative I have to stop myself from killing them off in the first chapter.  And it isn’t even supposed to be a thriller.

But I won’t let them beat me.  Although I do feel like beating myself around the head most days to see if anything useful pops out.  It hasn’t so far. But I will get this thing written if it kills me.

So let me procrastinate a little more and tell you what’s been going on at Withering Heights.

The Passion Pit.

As you know, this time last year things were pretty dire around here. Plans for our new house came to a screeching halt and the property was going on the market. We were done! We were dusted! There was no way we were spending another minute in this ridiculous, off the grid, two bedroom house. No way! No how!

So I have to admit I am puzzled as to why we are still here. How am I sitting at my desk in this ridiculous two bedroom house we vowed to sell?  I have no absolutely no idea!

But what I do know is that life off the grid is nowhere near as hideous as it was during that first year and that even though there are plans to build a much bigger house, this house is really sweet and I really quite love it. Perhaps in the big scheme of things it’s right where we needed to be at the time.

That said, we have acquired a portable building that was once used as an office.  Mr Fit christened it, much to the disgust of the kids, (it had them gagging for hours) The Passion Pit. Obviously Smarts and I will be residing in it but not before it’s been painted and has new flooring, an en-suite and wardrobes installed.


How very glamorous don’t you think?

It will look nothing like it does now so stay tuned.

Mr and Mrs Red

Afraid that I might lose the plot like I did last winter and to cheer us up on those cold, dark, miserable winter days,  Mr and Mrs Red rocked up one day with a trailer full of plants and planted out our front garden.  It look spectacular!

How lucky are we to have friends like them? They are amazing and we love them to bits.

The Great Strawberry Invasion.

Well it turns out I’m a strawberry farmer without really meaning to be. Two years ago I started out with ten strawberries and now, from the runners I have over 400. I’m digging garden beds as fast as I can and  honestly I can’t keep up.  It’s a strawberry invasion.

I put it down to my singing and chatting to them as I work.  Smarts says it’s the soil.  I know better.

Hopefully I will have enough to sell at the local farmers markets, which I quite like the idea of.

What I really like the idea of though, is having a cart with fresh produce at the front gate but I don’t think we have the traffic. I might give it a go anyway.

Of and I almost forgot, these strawberries are Will pee free!

And that’s it from me.  Hope you’ve all been well. And if you have any hints on how to stay focused when writing a novel please tell me.  I am in desperate need.

Kooky xx



8 thoughts on “Queen of Procrastination – A Withering Plains Update

    1. Thank you, I’ve kept no 1 quiet 🙂 Three agents out of 100000000. have had a read but advised me to send it os so it’s doing the rounds over there. I have to tell you that every time I’m in my strawberry patch I think of Ida and her grandmother working in theirs. I think Ida is going to stick with me for a very long time xx

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  1. Aren’t we all procrastinators? My excuse is that I’m waiting to sell my house before I move to be near my grandchildren. So glad to hear that you are remaining on your off-the-grid property! It provides so much fodder for your blog. Can’t wait to hear more about novel 1 and 2!!!


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