Romance Over A Potent Cup Of Tea

Freddy Fit was surprised to hear female laughter coming from his father’s kitchen.  He was even more surprised to find his father Baz, and Gladys, from next door, furiously munching on enormous slices of pizza.  The table was littered with empty pizza boxes, chocolate wrappers and crusts of bread. “Pull up a chair son,” Baz said. “And have a cup of Gladys’s home made tea.” … Continue reading Romance Over A Potent Cup Of Tea

Mr Fit and That Vile Fishy Smell

Upon hearing that Freddy Fit, (his son) was suffering from high cholesterol, Baz rummaged through his cupboards, found what he was looking for and rushed over to Freddy’s house. Freddy, glad for the distraction, was pleased to see his father pull up in his driveway.  He had been feeling unmotivated which was very unusual for him as he generally enjoyed working from home.  It had … Continue reading Mr Fit and That Vile Fishy Smell

A Steaming Bowl of Dog …..

Before she died Barb, Freddy Fits mother made her husband promise to carry on the tradition of cooking Freddy’s favorite meal on his birthday. It was a simple meal, spaghetti bolognese which she knew Baz was more than capable of cooking. Well she hoped he was. She also made a promise to Baz that if his bolognese sauce wasn’t up to scratch she would let … Continue reading A Steaming Bowl of Dog …..