Yep, My Days Are Numbered

Charlie the calf strolled out of the calf shed one morning to find the neighboring cows grazing in the paddock next to his pen. For some reason this displeased him immensely so he puffed out his chest and bellowed obscenities at them. But the cows laughed at the silly little calf and continued munching on the grass. Angrily Charlie snorted and stomped his feet but … Continue reading Yep, My Days Are Numbered

Nomination Time

A big hello to you all, This is not my usual kind of post but I have been nominated by Duhmerica  to answer a few questions.  I am in awe of Duhmerica as he writes two blogs I’m not sure how you do it Duhmerica but I take my hat off to you. There is no doubt will appear on our screens … Continue reading Nomination Time

Poor Theobald’s Insatiable Itch

This is a strange little story which, I’m not exactly sure is true, even though the story teller assures me, it most certainly is. One night, many years ago, Marjory watched her then two year old son, Theobald, scratch his butt frantically in his sleep.  The next morning Theobald was fine, not an itch in sight.  That was, until he went to bed later that … Continue reading Poor Theobald’s Insatiable Itch

Ollie The Killer Octopus Pays a Visit

The kids and I were having a marvellous time in the rock pools at the beach yesterday.  That is until Pippa, on her way back to shore started screaming and wouldn’t stop.  I yelled out asking what was wrong but she couldn’t answer because something had absolutely terrified her. As I quickly followed I noticed the most stunning colored seaweed sitting in the water.  It it was … Continue reading Ollie The Killer Octopus Pays a Visit