It’s All In The Egg – A Valentine’s Story

With tummies rumbling and mouths watering, we all sat greedily waiting to eat Mrs Groovy’s award winning, (well award winning to us) pavlova. We gasped in admiration as she placed the magnificent meringue carefully down on the table in front of us. “You’ve done it again,” Mrs Red said in awe.  “You’ve made the most perfect pavlova in all the land.” “I have haven’t I?” Mrs … Continue reading It’s All In The Egg – A Valentine’s Story

Mr Smarts First Proposal?

Not long after Mr Smarts and I met we had a sensational night of delicious food, good wine, great company whilst watching Shakespeare Under The Stars.  At the end of the night Mr Smarts and I carefully packed everything up and made our way home in a taxi. Whilst “snuggling” in Mr Smarts cosy bed I sat up in alarm. “Mr Smarts!”  I yelled.  “You’re … Continue reading Mr Smarts First Proposal?