Mrs Fit Flashes The Neighborhood

Mrs Fit stretched her long legs luxuriously in the steamy, bubbly, bath and gave a sigh of utter contentment.  She contemplated her good fortune at having the house all to herself, a rare event, as she sipped a tall glass of bubbly and delicately bit into a chocolate truffle. With Serge Gainsbourg crooning suggestively in the background and the warm, perfumed, water cocooning her, it … Continue reading Mrs Fit Flashes The Neighborhood

A Most Disgusting, Frightful, Horrific Occurrence!

Our friend Freddy Fit was at a loss last weekend.  Mrs Fit had a nasty cold and he was driving her batty with his constant hovering and fussing when all she wanted to do was sleep. Finally, unable to take any more of the thermometer being thrust into her mouth whenever she sneezed, Mrs Fit demanded he take the children for a drive out to … Continue reading A Most Disgusting, Frightful, Horrific Occurrence!

Mr Fit and That Vile Fishy Smell

Upon hearing that Freddy Fit, (his son) was suffering from high cholesterol, Baz rummaged through his cupboards, found what he was looking for and rushed over to Freddy’s house. Freddy, glad for the distraction, was pleased to see his father pull up in his driveway.  He had been feeling unmotivated which was very unusual for him as he generally enjoyed working from home.  It had … Continue reading Mr Fit and That Vile Fishy Smell

A Steaming Bowl of Dog …..

Before she died Barb, Freddy Fits mother made her husband promise to carry on the tradition of cooking Freddy’s favorite meal on his birthday. It was a simple meal, spaghetti bolognese which she knew Baz was more than capable of cooking. Well she hoped he was. She also made a promise to Baz that if his bolognese sauce wasn’t up to scratch she would let … Continue reading A Steaming Bowl of Dog …..

Baz and The Miracle Pugs

Disappointed to learn that not only had he scarred Mrs Fit for life by catching her almost naked in the bathroom, save for a pair of suspenders and a flimsy piece of black lace, apparently he had also been a bit of  glitch at their anniversary lunch. If you have no idea of what I am banging on about click here Baz and A Pair Of Suspenders to find … Continue reading Baz and The Miracle Pugs

Baz and A Pair Of Suspenders

When Baz, (Freddy Fits father and the man who wouldn’t die Mrs Fit’s Magnificent Mistake)  discovered that Freddy and Mrs Fit jnr were driving into the city for the night, he arranged to travel in with them. He was meeting friends for dinner and would catch the late train home. Upon their arrival, Baz realized he had a few hours to spare so tagged along … Continue reading Baz and A Pair Of Suspenders