A Bad Case of Stradavarious

Ever since she could remember, Mrs Groovy had harbored a secret desire to learn the cello. She imagined herself playing in a smoky jazz club, somewhere on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Professionally of course, Mrs Groovy never does anything by halves. Bogged down by life in general she finally decided to act on her fantasy. Mr Groovy, used to his wife’s exuberant lifestyle changes bought her … Continue reading A Bad Case of Stradavarious

Mrs Groovy Texts Again.

Mrs Groovy did something frightfully embarrassing and is not feeling very groovy at all. You see Mrs Groovy works for a global organization and is held in very high regard throughout the company. She recently attended a conference with at least one hundred of her colleagues, Mrs Red included. The keynote speaker was a dashing man, who for some strange reason sent Mrs Groovy’s pulse … Continue reading Mrs Groovy Texts Again.

Red and Mr Winky – A teenage penis drama

It was school holidays and Red and his mates, Fit and Groovy, (Smarts was busy stacking shelves at the local supermarket) were hanging out at the Red house all by themselves. Don’t be alarmed, we have travelled back to a time when Red, Fit, Groovy and Smarts were nothing but self-absorbed, hormone raging teenagers. I wish I could tell you they were smashed out of … Continue reading Red and Mr Winky – A teenage penis drama

Mr Groovy and His Hairy Back Bottom

Feeling frisky, my friend Mrs Groovy sent Mr Groovy the following text: “I can’t wait to get home to smack your hairy arse!” She waited in anticipation for his reply but surprisingly Mrs Groovy didn’t get the response she was after. “Well that’s not very nice Mrs Groovy, I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve that!” came the reply. “What!” she cried aghast.  “Mr Groovy … Continue reading Mr Groovy and His Hairy Back Bottom