Best Not To Rely On Dr Google – Ever

The bathroom scales squealed and groaned in complaint as Mr Red planted his feet firmly on them. He watched in disbelief as the red line shot to an impossibly high number and stayed there. Had he really put on that much weight? Sure that little jiggle around his middle when he walked had been rather confronting, but he’d tucked it into his pants and pretended … Continue reading Best Not To Rely On Dr Google – Ever

Freddy Fit Loses His Brains

Mrs Fit, in the middle of making her famous strawberry torte for a dinner party that night, discovered she had run out of cream. Frustrated, she phoned Freddy, (her husband) who was out on a bike ride and asked him to stop off at the supermarket on his way home. Freddy, who was normally forbidden to shop by himself, (apparently he spent too much money … Continue reading Freddy Fit Loses His Brains