Freddy Fit Loses His Brains

Mrs Fit, in the middle of making her famous strawberry torte for a dinner party that night, discovered she had run out of cream. Frustrated, she phoned Freddy, (her husband) who was out on a bike ride and asked him to stop off at the supermarket on his way home. Freddy, who was normally forbidden to shop by himself, (apparently he spent too much money … Continue reading Freddy Fit Loses His Brains

Mr Smarts – Enemy of The People No 1

Mr Smarts trudged inside and collapsed on the sofa. He looked crestfallen. “I’m presuming the meeting didn’t go well?” I asked sitting down beside him. “Oh Kooky you have no idea,” Mr Smarts said forlornly.  “It was a complete and utter disaster.” “Surely it couldn’t have been that bad?” I asked hopefully. “Well let’s see.  First of all Fit turned up in Mrs Fit’s tiny … Continue reading Mr Smarts – Enemy of The People No 1

Mr Smarts First Proposal?

Not long after Mr Smarts and I met we had a sensational night of delicious food, good wine, great company whilst watching Shakespeare Under The Stars.  At the end of the night Mr Smarts and I carefully packed everything up and made our way home in a taxi. Whilst “snuggling” in Mr Smarts cosy bed I sat up in alarm. “Mr Smarts!”  I yelled.  “You’re … Continue reading Mr Smarts First Proposal?

Mr Smarts Sends Kooky, Kooky

“Mr Smarts,” I implored. “If you don’t stop rocking these seats back and forth you will surely tip us over.” “Rubbish,” Mr Smarts scoffed and with a wicked laugh rocked the rickety old seats more violently.  Then, with an almighty racket and just as I had I predicted, we crashed backwards to the floor. Those sitting next to us watched in amazement as Mr Smarts … Continue reading Mr Smarts Sends Kooky, Kooky