Armageddon Pays A Visit To Withering Plains

MRS GROOVY’S BLESSED HOLY WATER Early this year, on a hot summers day Kate, (Miss 16)  finally agreed to help take down the Christmas lights which were hanging, shamefully, in the gum trees along the front of our property. From last years experience I knew there were going to be spiders waiting to jump out at me and most likely a snake or fifty as … Continue reading Armageddon Pays A Visit To Withering Plains

The Ghost of Christmas Past

On a hot Australian summer’s day boisterous, loveable Aunt Mavis rocked up in her green EJ Holden car full of Christmas spirit.  She burst through the doors, barely able to stand from the weight of all her packages.  Presents for everyone, home baked biscuits, a Christmas cake in there somewhere, calling, “Merry Christmas my darlings!” Barney, her full grown great dane bounded in after her. … Continue reading The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas is my all time favorite time of year.  I spend the month in a time warp remembering past Christmas’s and all those who are no longer with us.  It’s not a sad time, I’m not rocking in a corner or blubbering away in my hanky, how could I with people like this in my life…… On a hot Australian summers day boisterous, lovable Aunt … Continue reading The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Trials of Living off The Grid

Five months ago we moved onto fifty acres and into a tiny cottage with only two bedrooms.  Not only does the house have only two bedrooms but it also has only one bathroom and to top it off, we’re off the grid. Five people, a tiny house and off the grid? Well, let’s say life’s been interesting. During the summer months we were left without … Continue reading The Trials of Living off The Grid

Road Kill Ran Us Out Of Town

I wound down the car windows expecting to smell the freshly mowed grass of the cricket ground.  Instead my nostrils were assaulted by the foulest smell imaginable. “What the crap is that smell?” Pippa demanded clutching her nose. “Probably crap I’d say,” Kate replied. “Please don’t use the word crap,” I admonished. “Well, what would you rather we say?” Kate asked.  “What the frig is … Continue reading Road Kill Ran Us Out Of Town

Mr Fit and That Vile Fishy Smell

Upon hearing that Freddy Fit, (his son) was suffering from high cholesterol, Baz rummaged through his cupboards, found what he was looking for and rushed over to Freddy’s house. Freddy, glad for the distraction, was pleased to see his father pull up in his driveway.  He had been feeling unmotivated which was very unusual for him as he generally enjoyed working from home.  It had … Continue reading Mr Fit and That Vile Fishy Smell

Poor Theobald’s Insatiable Itch

This is a strange little story which, I’m not exactly sure is true, even though the story teller assures me, it most certainly is. One night, many years ago, Marjory watched her then two year old son, Theobald, scratch his butt frantically in his sleep.  The next morning Theobald was fine, not an itch in sight.  That was, until he went to bed later that … Continue reading Poor Theobald’s Insatiable Itch